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#Giving Tuesday

In December of each year, the MISS Foundation is part of a call to action and national movement that will change the calendar and help make history. We are celebrating a new day dedicated to giving ‐‐ when charities, families, businesses, community centers, students, retailers and more will all come together to create #GivingTuesday – a new movement to celebrate giving and encourage more, better and smarter giving during the Holiday Season that we are proud to be part of.
#GivingTuesday will create a national day of giving around the annual shopping and spending season ‐‐ giving’s “opening day”.  We invite you to be part of this national celebration of our great tradition of generosity. #GivingTuesday will show how Americans can do much more with our wallets than just consume. Here’s what you can do to help make this initiative a success:
  1. Have a great idea on how to give back to MISS on #GivingTuesday via donation, Kindness Project, or in other ways? Follow us on twitter @MISS_Foundation, use the #GivingTuesday Hashtag. Like us on Facebook, then tell us your idea!
  2. Make your donation today or on #GivingTuesday - and share our #GivingTuesday donation page with your friends and family:
  3. Become a Social Media Ambassador for MISS and use your own Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts to share and this page.
  4. Here is some sample language for you if you want to help us promote:
Perfect antidote to overspending on #BlackFriday? #GivingTuesday coming in December! I'll be supporting the MISS Foundation
Have you told your network about #GivingTuesday? Help create a day of giving back! Get your friends to give back to
#GivingTuesday is coming in December ‐ Save the Date ‐ Want to help? Tell your friends and family why they, too, should support
Ever thought one day of giving thanks isn't enough? Get ready for #GivingTuesday. Coming this December
Thank you all for being part of #GivingTuesday in whatever ways you choose to give back.  And if you'd like to see our official partner page on #GivingTuesday's site, click here.  And if you'd like to make your donation today:

All donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for your continued support!




Tuesday, December 3, 2013