An Open Letter from Amber's Parents

On June 12, 2001 my 22 month old daughter, Amber Faith Hogge, climbed up onto our washing machine while it was running on the wash cycle. She was able to open it and fall in. She drowned and was revived but she died 22 hours later. She was able to push a box of clothes that my sister had sent for her up to the washing machine, climb up and open the lid. Our washing machine did not lock on the wash cycle. I left my children playing in the living room while I went to the restroom. In an instant my life and hers were forever changed. People often think of the dangers of drowning associated with a pool, lake, bath tub, or even a bucket of water, but never a washing machine. Since the death of our precious Amber we have learned she was not the first fatality in this type of accident. Had we known that it was a potential danger in our home we would have taken precautions to ensure the safety of our children. My oldest son is 17 and I had never heard of this type of accident. My advice is to never, for any reason, leave your children unnattended; not to answer the door, the phone, to get something or even a trip to the bathroom. Your life and theirs could change forever.


Larelle Hogge
Amber's Mommy

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