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News & Events

The MISS Foundation is often featured in news specials, articles and editorals. Additionally, press releases from the MISS Foundation announcing new programs and events are often distributed. In this section of our site you will be able to read our press releases as well as information found in the news and information pertaining to our MISSion.

Reporters needing information about the following topics for story coverage:
  • Child death national and state data
  • Psychological and mental health effects of child death on families
  • Grieving children
  • Professional and ethical responsibility of medical providers
  • Stillbirth and unexplained infant deaths
  • Legislative and advocacy including: Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth aka CBRS (formerly the MISSing Angels Bill), Tax deductions, and  Public health policies
Please contact Dr. Joanne Cacciatore (Founder) or Kelli Montgomery, Executive Director, 512-922-3104,  An appropriate media representative or support staff will be assigned to provide information for current stories or to answer any questions.