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Last Plea to DSM 5: Save Grief From the Drug Companies


This final plea to reason comes from the three people who have been most active in protecting grief from being mislabeled as mental illness.

The first is Joanne Cacciatore- psychologist, researcher, clinician , bereaved parent, and founder of the MISS Foundation and Center for Loss & Trauma. For more details see:

"It is simply outrageous that DSM 5 will diagnosis mental disorder in the normally bereaved as early as two weeks following their loss- thus encouraging the massive misdiagnosis of grief as Major Depressive Disorder. Under trained primary care doctors are particularly likely to confuse grief and depression and to over treat with psychotropic medication. Drugs are necessary for the severe symptoms of depression in some individuals, but there is no evidence they are good for expectable grief. In fact, the research shows that the bereaved are already being medicated earlier than can be justified."


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Psychology Today
Allen J. Frances, M.D.
Thursday, January 3, 2013