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"The reasons men and women become first responders is primarily to ease the suffering of others. They come to the job with a great sense of compassion and are frustrated when they enter a situation for which they have little or no training and find themselves at a loss for the necessary skills to make a difference. For instance, when a child dies, the family is devastated and looking for answers. The MISS Foundation's training "Compassionate Intervention With Families" provides the information to extend the natural compassion brought to the job to the next level. I would recommend this training to all first responder organizations."

Fire Chief Alan V. Brunacini
Phoenix Fire Department
Phoenix, Arizona



Become a certified provider in Compassionate Bereavement Care®

Become a Certified Provider in Compassionate Bereavement Care (r), a mindfulness-based non-medicalized approach to traumatic grief, with trainings held in stunning Sedona, Arizona (30 CEUs offered).

Upcoming training opportunities listed, a partnership between the MISS Foundation and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Trust. You can also search for certified providers at that site.


The MISS Foundation also provides workshops and seminars on a variety of grief and therapy related topics. Specialty topic areas available for your agency:

  • Effective Psychosocial Intervention when a Child Dies
  • ATTEND: Mindfuless based bereavement care
  • The Wounder Healer: Vicarious trauma and provider self-care
  • Grief in the Workplace
  • Multicultural Grieving: Understanding the Influence Diversity and Ethnicity
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Gender Communication and Grieving Styles
  • The Impact of Stillbirth and Infant Death
  • Grieving Children: Crying with Crayolas
  • The Death Scene Protocol: Investigating Child Death
  • Sudden Infant Death: The Myths and Mysteries Dispelled
  • Pre-Hospital and Paramedic Professionalism: Helping Families in Crises
  • The Power of Compassion: A New Attitude in Healthcare (c) 2001
  • Through the Eyes of a Bereaved Parent
  • Paramedics and Detectives as a Team: Working Together to Find Answers
  • Community Tragedies: Lessons from Common Grief
  • Palliative Healthcare: Lessons on Thanatology from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

Workshops are available from one hour to three days, any combination of topics. Fees are negotiable based on agency budget and need. Continuing Education hours offered for most healthcare professionals. Approved through AzPOST, AzNA, Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers and for medics, social workers, and other

Email for more information:

More information is available by contacting Dr. Joanne Cacciatore at or call 1-602-279-MISS(6477)


For more details on individual workshops, please see any of the pages below: