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Palliative CARES Program

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"The love of a parent is not contingent upon the amount of time we had with our child. Love simply cannot be measured in time."
~ Joanne Cacciatore

Professional Services

Upon referral from perinatologist, the MISS Foundation's Perinatal Palliative CARES Program provides support to families facing a prenatal terminal illness diagnosis.

Our goals include:

*To help families emotionally prepare for birth and death by creating a circle of support around them
* To help families understand their babies diagnosis and the probable outcome
* To help families make decisions based on the love they have for their baby
* To assist families in cherishing the time between diagnosis and birth/death
* To help families recognize the prenatal period as part of their baby's lifetime
* To emphasize 'quality of life' over 'quantity of life'
* To reduce emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial suffering using interventions sensitive to cultural, religious and personal beliefs.
* To provide psycho education and preconception planning
* To facilitate the family's decisions surrounding their baby's birth and death plan
* Incorporates a Collaborative Care Model and Home Visiting Model of Care uniting obstetricians, neonatologists, consulting specialists, social workers, labor and delivery nursing staff, hospices and chaplains in full family care
An average of 30 hours is spent with each Perinatal Family

Our services include:

*Coordination between the medical community and the family
* Anticipatory Grief Education & Emotional Support
* Creation of birth and death plan
* Individualized Childbirth Education
* Professional Doula Services
* Memory Box Containing keepsakes & Book resources
* Memory Book
* Connect with Community Resources & strengthen social support systems
* Book Suggestions & Lending Library
* Journal & Journaling Education
* Sibling Resources & Gifts for surviving siblings
* Professional Photography: Prenatal and delivery photos through NILMDTS
* Connections with spiritual support within belief systems
* Parent matching which connects families with exact or similar diagnosis
* Assistance with Funeral Planning & Memorialization Ideas
* Coordination of home meal delivery for acute bereavement period
* Ongoing access to core team members via email and phone
* Continuity of care provided by MSW's, LMSW, and RN
* Ongoing bereavement support through MISS Foundation's Family Programs
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Contact Information for Referrals:

Kim Parrish - click here to email Kim
CARES Program Co-coordinator

Angela Rothman-Stiffler
CARES Program Co-coordinator
Our archived newsletters can be found here. Call the MISS Offices to be in touch with our CARES Program: 602-279-6477