Fiscal Impact Policies

For those who need or want information on how the MISSing Angels Bill impacts each state, we are providing copies here of the official Fiscal Impact Policy reports we have found online at the state websites.Ā Rarely does the MAB create a negative fiscal impact to a State, norĀ results in additional costs to a Stateā€™s Department of Health. This isĀ because MAB legislation is worded to allow the Department to charge a feeĀ for the issuance of a CBRS. Typically, MAB legislation results in positiveĀ fiscal impact for a State, for many years.

ā€œEnactment of this legislation will haveĀ no adverse fiscal impactĀ onĀ Commonwealth funds. Ā It is anticipated that the authorization for theĀ department to charge a fee for this certificate will offset any departmental costs associated with issuance. House Bill 958 which containsĀ the same provisions passed the House on June 13, 2011 with a vote ofĀ 201-0.ā€


The enactment of this legislation will not result in additional costs toĀ the Department of Health. The proposed fee ($9.00) is anticipated to beĀ sufficient to offset the costs of issuance.