Statement on State Sanctioned Violence

Since 1996, the MISS Foundation has aided families whose child died or whose child was facing death.

Our foundation was founded on the principle that no family should have to walk alone in traumatic grief. Through nearly a quarter of a century, we have helped families across the world, from the U.S. to Canada, Ghana to Egypt, Mexico to Argentina, Ireland to Australia. We have helped grieving families from every socioeconomic group, varying political affiliations, nearly every religious affiliation, and all racial and ethnic backgrounds whose children of all ages have died from causes ranging from stillbirth to premature birth, murder to suicide, fire to drowning, cancer to genetic illnesses, and accidents to natural disasters.  Our inclusive and diverse community has grieved together in compassionate support with our fellow bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents, and others. This is the common, tragic bond that unites us.

During this time of global reflection, we specifically want to acknowledge the grief of Black families whose children have been murdered as a result of racial violence.  In support of the #SayTheirNames campaign, we are pausing to reflect our deep compassion to the family of George Floyd and all others killed because of targeted police violence. No family or group should have to walk alone against a complicit system that repeatedly allows part of its citizenry to be unjustifiably profiled, oppressed, beaten, and killed by authorities.  Representing a diverse group of grieving parents, siblings, and grandparents, we join the Black community in the U.S. and around the world in the fight against institutional racism, brutality, and murder by police officers sworn to protect all of its citizens equally.

As a global, volunteer-based organization that has focused on traumatic grief every day for nearly 25 years, we see the devastating impact that historical and intergenerational traumas, such as hate crimes, repeated violence, genocide, institutional torture, and murder, cause among families, communities, and generations to come. It is long past time for this to end.

We support Campaign Zero in the quest for ending police violence in America. Our hope is that no Black family, or other family of color, loses a beloved one to preventable, state sanctioned violence. We encourage everyone toward compassionate action and accountability in dismantling systemic racism and other systems of oppression.



The MISS Foundation would like to honor Ralinda Watts for her contribution to this statement in memory of her beloved Amani James Watts, and Dorcas Guest Nelson remembering her mother always.