Breaking New and Sacred Ground

We broke ground on Selah House!

On November 26th, a small group of dedicated contributors and volunteers gathered for a meaningful ceremony at the Arizona carefarm led by MISS Foundation Founder Dr. Joanne Cacciatore.

“This groundbreaking ceremony was symbolic and powerful for so many reasons. We have planted the seed of what we hope will be a shift in the world’s consciousness about traumatic grief and its effects through generations and across the time and space continuum. We have planted the seed of compassion for all those who suffer. We have planted the seed of safeness, awareness, and connection that exists in few other places around the world. This small step toward a gentler world, a more understanding society, and a more awake culture for grieving people really is monumental for us all. May this house bless all those who walk through the door with compassion, and may all those who walk out the door bless others with the same compassion they received,” said Dr. Cacciatore of this vital project.

Once built, the Selah Family House will include 4 bedrooms, a study, a contemporary kitchen, community dining area, a spacious education and gathering room, and much more. The guest house for the traumatically bereaved will overlook the magical, 10-acre Selah Carefarm with its 40 beloved rescue animals.

The capital campaign has raised more than $425,800 to date from more than 725 donors.

As we continue to push towards our final building project goal, another exciting opportunity has arisen. Top donors, including the Ronan Thompson Foundation and the Daniel J. Coleman Memorial Fund, among others, have stepped forward and pledged $35,000 in matching funds! What this means is that through the end of the year, or until the match fund goal is reached, your donation will be doubled! 

Since just last week when we announced this new challenge, we have already raised $15,000, nearly half the match! We could not be more thrilled. We are so grateful for your support!

Keep up the great work. With your help, we can meet our match fund challenge by the end of the year.

Donate now and your donation will be doubled!

It’s easy to be a part of this end-of-year, tax-deductible giving.

  • Donate directly to the Selah House campaign here.
  • Mail a check payable to MISS Foundation to P.O. Box 9195, Austin TX 78766.  Indicate on the check’s subject line the donation is for Selah House. Include your contact information and your email address, along with who the donation is in honor of.
  • If you would like to start a team of your own, please let us know and we will walk you through the steps.

*For donations over $1500 please pay by check if possible.
Let’s keep going and build the Selah Family House together!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.