Aspen came to us in October of 2016 when Dr. Jo and MISS Foundation’s Director Kelli Montgomery found him in the middle of a desolate two lane highway with a face full of porcupine needles. He was all alone, hungry and dehydrated, but ever so loving. He jumped right into the car and onto Kelli’s lap as if he knew his life was about to change, for the better, forever. Aspen was rushed to the 24 animal hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona where they removed most of the needles and he could resume eating and drinking as normal! Then, he found him a good home right here on our carefarm. Aspen, an athletic and very playful dog, likes to control things. He barks when the sheep knock over trash cans or when they try to get into an area of the carefarm he has deemed off limits.  He likes to manage the other dogs and their play time as well. When the horses run in the pasture, Aspen is right there, running up and down the fence, telling them to, “Play fairly, or else!”. He also likes being in the lap of humans while they cry, and he will never hand you a tissue to clean it up. Aspen is great at staying with humans in our pain. He really strongly dislikes coyotes in the field next door and alerts us to their presence- all day and all night. He’s a special guy, this Aspen Vaughn.

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