(Uh-thee-nuh), a Pyrenees and Anatolian mix, we rescued almost a year ago. She was only 1-1/2 and walked with a severe limp after being hit by a car. She is such a sweet, playful, and loving dog, unless you’re a gopher. She doesn’t like gophers much and, much to our consternation, catches too many for our liking. Children really love her royalty attitude- she loves attention and affection, and she will always lay down for belly rubs. We call her Princess Athena because she knows she’s part of the oligarchy here. She and Aspen are about the same age so they play and play for hours. When we irrigate, she jumps right into the water, yet she hates baths. Go figure. Athena is fully rehabilitated now, and no longer walks with a limp. She is so enjoying her time here, watching over the sheep with our other guardian dog, Luigi. We are so happy she found us!


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