Caspian Janan

(Cas-pee-in Jan-non) is a very sensitive and loving Arab who came to Selah Carefarm in November of 2017. He is one of our newest horse rescues. He is a 22 years old and was very badly mistreated and physically mishandled and then sent to a “kill pen.” A halter had to be surgically removed from his face, where he now has scarring, and he is very head shy, still. While he’s still in rehabilitation, he is our most tender-hearted horse. He now kisses hands, will accept nose kisses, and is learning to trust again. Though he is still fearful of sudden movements and loud noises, he gets an iota better every day. He is safe and loved and will retire here knowing only those things.

Caspian Janan is currently being supported in honor of Daniel John Coleman by Allen and Venna Bosma.