(Che-mah-koh) is our very first rescue horse. He was being used as a pack animal in the Grand Canyon and had been tortured badly for many years. He had open wounds all over his body, the bones of his spine were exposed, he was extremely emaciated and dehydrated, and his tongue was nearly severed. No one expected Chemakoh to survive, even after he was rescued on April 29, 2015 by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. Their bond was immediate and is now unbreakable. Chemakoh, a late cut stallion, is our most intuitive and sensitive horse. He doesn’t always want to be touched but he is always perfectly gentle and intensely aware. He senses human emotions and will respond to them accordingly. Sometimes, when Dr. Jo is regrieving, she will spend time with Chemakoh. “He’s the best therapist,” she says. “He simply stands right next to grieving people, he listens deeply, and lets them cry… sometimes, he’ll press his head forward in the center of my heart.”

You can watch his incredible rescue video, with tissues, below.




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