Eva (in memoriam)

(Ee-vuh) and her baby, Bella, came to us as non-abuse rescues. They are a mother-daughter team, just like The Dolly Mama and Porcelina, who we really wanted to keep together and were in danger of being separated. Eva really loves human attention and, if you’re petting her and you stop, she will often run ahead of you, cut you off, and put her head down for more love. She’s a St. Croix sheep and highly socialized with humans. She will actively seek out affection over food, and she’s been a wonderful mama to her baby Eva. We removed the slaughter tag from her ear once she trusted us enough.

Sadly, sweet Eva passed away on July 7th, 2022. She will be deeply missed. She was surrounded by love from her human and animal family at the Carefarm.

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