There are times, doing this work, when we bear witness to things so horrific that all our hearts break.

Please meet Gus, who we have decided to rescue thanks to Nia’s mom, Jodi, who brought his plight to our attention.

This senior horse gave his owners the best of his years and then was “discarded like trash” in an auction where, invariably, these elder horses (and far too many other species) suffer because of a lack of compassion for them.

Everyone meet Gus, who will be arriving at the end of October with the help of Corral West Horse Adventures.

Here, Gus will be well-loved, well-scratched, well-fed and mostly he will never know neglect or deprivation for the rest of his life.

Thank you to all who helped saved his very very worthy life. Gus will arrive at the end of October of 2021. We cannot wait.

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