(Jigg-uh-ram) “Jiggs” came to us as a rescue when he was less than two weeks old. His mother, likely becoming pregnant too young, rejected him and wouldn’t allow him to nurse. Dr. Jo took him in as a little guy, and she bottle fed him every few hours until he was nine months old when he weaned himself. Athena, one of our guardian dogs, helped to raise him. Thus, Jiggs mostly hangs out with the dogs and, when Dr. Jo comes back after being away after any period of time, all the dogs run to her and so does Jiggs! He is very, very sweet and adores carrots which he eats voraciously and often. He plays with Aspen, one of our rescue dogs, and loves to jump and spin around 7pm in the evening. If Jiggs is on the other side of the carefarm, he will “baaaaa” for his human mom (Dr. Jo) and if she “baaaaaas” back to him, he’ll run toward her. He has a little identity triad going on but overall he’s adjusting nicely to being a human-sheep-dog being.


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