Shirin and Artemisia

(Sheer-in) and (Ar-tem-meesh-uh), sisters, are young Dorper sheep who we rescued after they each lost two babies in coyote attacks. In a place of deep grief and trauma, the sisters ate very little and were terrified. Their udders were full with milk for their babies for a month before returning to normal size. No one couldn’t approach either of them for weeks. Through careful rehabilitation, both Shirin and Artemisia are adjusting. They began eating and drinking about a month after coming to the Selah Carefarm. Today, Shirin will even approach Dr. Jo for love, rubbing on her leg for affection. Artemisia can’t tolerate human touch yet, but she allows us to get within a few feet now. We will remove their slaughter tags once we can help them feel safe enough to trust us. They are both treasures here. We grieving mothers have to stick together.

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