The Dolly Mama

(Dahl-lee Mah-muh) is Porcelina’s mom, rescued at the same time. We were so happy to keep this mother-daughter team together! She is a wonderful mother who is inseparable from her baby Porcelina on the carefarm. They are always together. She, like Eva, also craves human contact and offers the same grateful gaze for any loving attention you give her. She’s a bit pushy- bossy- at times especially if alfalfa, oats, or corn is involved, and she has been known to tell the dogs who is boss. Her wool mohawk makes the other sheep jealous, and she knows she’s beautiful! She’s learning to love fresh carrots and apple slices. Her first try, she didn’t know how to chew them but she’s picking it up quickly. Jiggs is teaching her!

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