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Meditation & Contemplative Practice Retreat

For traumatically bereaved individuals or couples who have previously
attended a Selah Carefarm program and for MISS Foundation volunteers.

“Contemplation is not a retreat from the world the way it is much rather, it is a way to develop the skills that open our hearts, minds and bodies and empower us to hold the world the way it is.
Contemplation becomes a practice if we continuously and with great care engage in it to build skills. Contemplation can be a spiritual practice and/or a skill building practice.”

Overview of Retreat

We are inviting traumatically bereaved individuals or couples who have previously attended a Selah Carefarm program or have been in the care of a MISS Foundation provider, and MISS Foundation volunteers, to a private contemplative retreat at the Selah Carefarm. We will learn practices that build our stress resilience, nurture self-compassion, and open a way through self-encouragement. In a trustworthy community of mutual support, we will begin to establish our own personal practice to restore spirit and learn and apply new survival skills.

Meditation provides the foundation for contemplative practices. We will provide plainspoken and practical instruction about the body, breath, and mind for meditation and guide you a way to settle down with yourself exactly the way you are now. We will engage in movement and embodiment exercises that help to calm down and be more present. We will use a council practice to check in with ourselves and others and have a daily period of contemplative work practice. Parts of the retreat will be held in active silence.

This retreat is non-denominational, invites diversity and is open to all genders and races. It is best suited for adults above the age of 17. The beautiful milieu of the 10 acre Selah Carefarm with its loved and loving rescue animals is a wonderful place to begin a contemplative practice. The landscape invites calm and reflection, allowing small and larger groups intimate groves for conversation, and space for individuals to be comfortable in solitude or dyads.



Roshi Monika Genmitsu Kahn holds a Swiss master’s degree in Adult Education, is certified in body centered Psychosomatic Counseling and is a certified Provider in Compassionate Bereavement Care. She is an esteemed meditation teacher and specializes in mindfulness, contemplative practices, and rituals. She is the co-founder of the Zen Garland Order and teaches at the Ancient Oaks Zen community in Savannah, GA where she lives with her husband Roshi Paul Genki Kahn. Genmitsu works for the MISS Foundation as a Program Assistant, Family Services Coordinator and Grief Counselor.

Program Information

November 15 to 18, 2023

The MISS Foundation – Selah Carefarm, Cornville, AZ

$797 per person includes simple vegan meals, lodging, program costs.

The Carefarm and Andy’s Sanctuary are strictly vegan. The Carefarm and
Andy’s Sanctuary are alcohol and smoke-free.

October 1st

November 15 between 3pm to 5pm

Saturday November 18 at 12pm

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Please check back for the next Contemplative Retreat dates. If you are a CBC Provider or MISS Volunteer please check out our Help the Helpers Retreat.