As a non-profit organization, MISS Foundation is grateful for – and reliant upon – our generous donors and supporters.  Thanks for helping us continue our mission! Select the button below to make your donation today. Donations are tax deductible.

General Support Fund

The MISS Foundation supports ALL programs for the traumatically bereaved from our Carefarm Program, to the annual retreat for bereaved parents, to family services and counseling for those in need, to training providers in best practices for grieving families, to making sure the beloved carefarm rescue animals are well taken care of. Our small staff works around the clock to provide these much-needed services.

The General Fund supports everything we do on a daily basis. Your contribution allows us to continue our important mission to make sure no one has to walk alone in traumatic grief. Thank you so much for your support!



Selah Carefarm Support

We are always in need of support funds that help maintain the farm, create new gardens, grow healthy food, develop meaningful spaces for bereaved families, and sponsor a grieving family in need of support services and counseling.

We also have a wonderful opportunity to directly sponsor our rescue animals at the farm. Please read their compelling stories and consider a contribution today to support our beloved rescue animals.

Sponsor an Animal

We have a heartwarming opportunity to sponsor our rescue animals who live at the Carefarm. Click the link below to read their compelling stories and learn how we came to meet each other. Please consider a contribution today to support our work in providing these animals a loving home. Each animal was rescued from varying levels of abuse, neglect and torture. Now, they live a life filled with love and compassion where they are treated respectfully



Provider, volunteer and support group network

Our Compassionate Bereavement Care® Providers are located in cities throughout the world. They receive specialized training in traumatic grief and compassionate care. You may find our provider network here. Also, learn more about our wonderful volunteers, and connect with our in-person and virtual support groups.