Donors 2023

The MISS Foundation and Selah Carefarm thanks all of our donors for their support.

We are so grateful for your continued support. Thank you for all of your generosity and giving in memory of those you love.

Here’s a look at our donors’ list which includes support for the MISS Foundation, the respite center (Andy’s Sanctuary), the Selah Carefarm, the beloved rescue animals, and our programs. If you don’t see your name, we will add you right away. Please email Thank you to everyone who contributes to the MISS Foundation and the Selah Carefarm! What great support we have!

**This list is currently being updated. We will have all of our 2023 donors listed soon.

Animal Support

Sarah Bain, Grace
Kim Balzan
Emma Blumenthal, Ezra
Jessica Blumenthal*, In honor of Jacob and In donor of Seamus Troy
Rebecca Compton, In memory of Noah Compton-Meyer
Serena Crawford, In honor of our Austin
Matthew Dresher
Judith Finneren
Lance Frantzich, To all the Cow Mothers who lost their children and are subjected to the horrors of the Dairy Industry
Charles Frick, Julie Anne Frick
Maureen Gordon, Kelsey Ann Gordon
Lynne Henry, James Beechinor Boyle
Mary Hohlweck, Roger
Carol Hordis
Neisha Hutchens, In Honor of Garrett Shook
Sonya Isaeff
Leah Jenness, In honor of Charlie Hildrew on his 7th birthday
Monica Jethwani, Kumar
Juliet Keeler-LeBien, My Scout
Vincent Mangiapane*, Jennifer Kuphal
Laura Margolis, In honor of Charlie Hildrew
Katie Martin, In honor of Rick Martin
Jenni McCormick*, Rocky McCormick
Kathy McKay*, Conor Lankton
Sherry Mikuta, In honor of Gus
Kelli Montgomery, My wish for Stormy: Get well soon!
Carolyn Mosteller, In Honor of Bunny Mosteller- I love and miss you Quentin!!
Carol Murphy, In honor of Sean Blumberg (who deeply loved dogs)
Stacey O’Connell, Beloved Husband, Father, and Grandfather, Bernie Smith.
Suzanne Oliwa, Dr. Jo & Karla Helbert
Kathleen Orchard, In honor of Jaxon Robert Schneider
Laurie Paolini
Barbara Parisi*, My most precious Princess….Kelly
Jennifer Paterchak, Noah
Wendy Pierzchalski, Kathy
Josephine Pradella
Betty Pruitt
Jacqueline Robinson, In honor of Shannon Schnaible
Celinett Rodriguez, Scrappy
Kimberly Ruscigno, Devin & Maddox
Marc Seidner, In honor of Katie
Jutta Sheppard
Melinda Snyder*
Daniel Sleat, Heidi Greenwood
TRACY TURNER-BUMBERRY, In honor of Liam Carter
Valerie Watts
Barbara White*, My Mother, Virgie and my daughter, Julie
Minnie Willette, Emerson Jon Kukuzke
Kristin Witter*, Diane Elizabeth Wheelock and Diane Wheelock Neff

MISS Foundation Support

Anonymous 1
Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3, In honor of Lily
Anonymous 4
Anonymous 5
Anonymous 6
Anonymous 7
Anonymous 8, In memory of Jerzie Jenkins
Anonymous 9
Anonymous 10
Anonymous 11
Anonymous 12
Rita Armstrong, In memory of Tigerlily
Gina Barker, In honor of my cousin Serenity Salvador
Kris Bergmann, My deepest condolences to The Potter Family
Tammie Brenton*
Melody Casey*
Joseph Cardello, August Wealth Advisors is happy to support E-motion on their journey to help individuals cope and move through hardships.
Mary Connor
Sherman Dahl
Amy Deutsch, Please acknowledge Ann Meara she is a volunteer and she a great person
Lauren DiStefano, In memory of Elton.
Nonie Doug Beal, This one is for Elton!
Jake Fahnhorst
Julie Fanter, Read about this in People magazine. Sounds wonderful! Wishing you continued success!
Lance Frantzich, To help with the AMAZING work MISS Foundation does!
Marissa Gloria, For Tessa
Debbie Golden, Remembering John and Dan
Steve Greer*, Selah Carefarm provided a restful space and Bearing the Unbearable touched me in a deeper and more penetrating way than any book I’ve read.
Maureen Gordon, For my Kelsey 3/30/97~2/16/15. Lover of life, people, children and animals. and In memory of my beautiful daughter Kelsey
Leona Guzowski, In memory of Tigerlily Bridges
Stephanie Harris, In memory of our son and brother, Robert (Robbie) J Harris, who is always in our hearts.
Vicki Jacobs, In honor of the Levandoski family
Amy and John Hiester, In honor of Jim, Michelle and Liam!
Robert & Judit Lanzer, In memory of Jessica Lynn Sielewicki
Tina Holland, In loving memory of Serenity Salvador who is now in heaven with her daughter Haley.
Sonya Isaeff
Rhonda Jacobson, In Memoriam to a great man and Wellstar advocate – Bob Prillaman who will be missed in the home, business & philanthrophic community.
Steve Larsen, MISS and JoAnne are amazing. I feel privileged to be associated with all these wonderful people.
Robin Linder, Thank you, for all you do always
Carla Lopez-Hodoyan, In memory of Lawrence Saint Cloud lll, grandson of Lorena Arzate.
Kathryn MacLeod Schafer*, In honor of Maya Thompson’s birthday.
Susan Martin, Given in memory for our beloved son and nephew, Keir Majarrez, from his parents and aunt, Cindy Kristopeit. We honor his legacy.
Jerel McDonald, To mark my 2nd birthday without Elanor.
Jerel McDonald, To mark my 2nd birthday without Elanor.
Kelli Montgomery
Kristina Milne DaVia, Honoring Elton Deutekom (and parents Eli & Tijl). You will forever be so loved, sweet boy!
Ally Pierce*
Allison Pierce*
Steve Pendergraft*, For Cade Pendergraft
Laura Penly, Proceeds from The Crappy Candles supporting the Miss Foundation
Stefanie Platt, In honor of Blakely
Betty Pruitt, In memory of my daughter, Kimmie Rae.
Jo Ann Poffel, Always in our Hearts , Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Primmer
Betty Pruitt, In loving memories of my precious daughter, Kimmie Rae: 08/12/1992-06/02/1997
Susan Quinn*, In my son, Brian’s name and memory
Lisa Richardson, In Honor of Alice Noelle Ekstrom 3/5/2012
Celinett Rodriguez*
Steven Ross, I am happy to learn about the acquisition of the adjacent property, and would like this donation to go towards your efforts fixing that up.
Jeanne Rucker
Kimberly Ruscigno, In memory of my twins Davin & Maddox.
Michael Sansone, Thank you for your wonderful work and continued compassion, kindness and love
Diana Schuster
Ann Marie Schulz, In memory of Otis L. Smith III
Bonnie Sereduck, In loving memory of our grandson, Noah Toth, and in appreciation for your support and encouragement to our daughter, Julie Toth.
Cara Shlossman
Jennifer Smith, For Tigerlily
Kim St Laurent, In honor or Taylor Louise-born still
Gina Stoebe, In honor of Robert Stoebe. Happy birthday!
Emily Sullivan
Jennifer Tanner
Michal Temkin, In memory of our son, Eitan. Missed and loved eternally.
Kevin Turnbull
Casey Verst, In Honor of Elton.
Kay Wallis
Kevin Wright, In support of the women of Perryville
26 years ago today. Love you forever.
Marnie Stiglitz, In honor of Sari Pelc Edber
Craig STRANG, In honor of Joanne, in memory of Kyle Strang
Mitchell Toig
Lynn Wagmeister
Donna Zigmantanis, Thank you for all you do. This is honor of Reeves 6th Birthday

Carefarm Support

Anonymous 1, In honor of Charlie Hildrew
Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3
Anonymous 4
Anonymous 5, In honor of Thomas Jefferson Sheaffer
Anonymous 6
Anonymous 7
Anonymous 8
Anonymous 9
Anonymous 10
Juliet and Eden Alpert, In Honor of Gidi Zilberstein
Brian Bardo
Stephanie Barnhill, In honor of Faith and Aime
Virginia & David Bishop, In honor of Lin Seeger
Gillian Briley
Brad Britzmann
Filipp Brunshteyn
Heather Bradley
Devon Brown, In memory of Gidi Zilberstein
Filipp Brunshteyn, In loving memory of Gitel Frida Brunshteyn
Wendy Burkhard to keep. Love Charlie & Rory “rawwrrrrrrr”
Palliative Care Queensland Inc
Jill Cagney*
Liz Castleman, In honor of Charlie Boy and his little brother Rory — “brothers” always and always
Liz Castleman, In honor of Charlie Boy, and his little brother Rory “rawwwrrrrrrrrr!” and For Lucy and her baby Ricky — the one she finally got
Kelley Chimenti, In honor of Rylee Martin
Susan Connolly
Natasha Cortes
Judith Crosby, In honor of Alice and Sam
Angela Colombani, In Honor of Jason Exmeyer, beloved husband
Scott Conn, In honor of Amy Wright Glenn’s Grief Training
Christopher Cox
Christine Cox
Niza Davidson, In honor of Billy Rankin & Gidi Zilberstein
Mary Davis
Terri DeMontrond, In honor of Her mother
Daniel and Vivian Driskill, In honor of James Driskill Irwin
Dee Dee Firmage-Turpin
Nikki Echabarne
Suzy Elghanayan*, In Honor of Sweet Luca
Laura & Rex & Family Butts, In Honor of Anita Delp
Adrianne Fielding, In honor of Gideon “Gidi” Zilberstein
Lance Frantzich, In Honor of Reecee
Julie Gelfand, In memory of Gidi Zilberstein
Jennifer Gore, In Honor of Gidi Zilberstein
Maureen Gordon
Arlene Gottlieb
Heidi Grangaard, In Honor of Raine Huberty
Sarah Hankel, In Honor of Evey
Darra Hansen*, In Memory of Cricket & Emma
angel hart, In honor of chemoka
Stephanie Heller-Fenig, In honor of Gidi Zilberstein
Leslie Hildrew, In honor of Charlton Hildrew
Sharon Hills, In Honor of Our Beautiful Dylan Facente Chin
Carol Hordis
Neisha Hutchens
Becky Hubbard, In Honor of Joanna, Terry & Sierra Denton
Neisha Hutchens, In honor of Garrett Shook
Vicki Jacobs
Tracy Jellison*, In Honor of Sierra Sequoia Denton, Joanna, Terry & Sierra Denton and Terry Joseph Denton
Rebecca Kahn, In Honor of Cienna Morrison
Rita Klopfenstein
Christy & Jason Kimball, In Honor of Chandler
Susan Korzon
Anita Langer
Kaitlyn Lawless
Richard Ledes
Judy and Stephen Levin, In Memory of Alice Ann Cossack
Stacey OConnell
Carrie Ostroski
Jenni McCormick, In Honor of Rocky McCormick
Alina Molina, In honor Gidi Zilberstein
Stacey Morris-Crandall, In honor of Lacey Hall
Karena Nies, In Honor of Raine Huberty and Marjorie Nies
Lynni OHaver, In Honor of Jasmine (Jazzy) Molbak
Pat and Kathy Orchard, In memory of our son Danny Orchard
Carrie Ostroski*, In Honor of Joseph Ostroski – always feeling your care and love around me
Morris Panitz, In honor of Gidi Zilberstein
Barbara Parisi, In Honor of Kelly Parisi
Kim Parrish, In Honor of Cheyenne Cacciatore
Monika Pearson Trust Company of the South, In Honor of Andy Quattlebaum
Wendy Pfundt
Corrin Pierce, In honor of Gidi Zilberstein
Dotty Plage, In Honor of Zoey
Betty Pruitt
Patti Schacht
Barry Sharaf
Marsha Sompayrac, In honor of Will Sompayrac
guilan sheykhzadeh, In Honor of paul sheykhzadeh, my only and dearest brother
Rachel Simkin, In memory of Gidi, the happiest, most magical kid on the block
Lainey Slotnick, In honor of Gidi Zilberstein
Cathy Stambaugh, In Honor of Chris Stambaugh
Lindsey Stetson, In honor of Hayden B. Quattlebaum
Christy Stone
Desiree Sumpter, In Honor of Sloane Avery
Kate Taylor
Sarah Toig
Tran Tu
Jessica Vroman, In honor of Gidi
Julie Waxenberg
Gay Walker
Melinda Wenger
Nate Whittaker, In honor of Sierra Carroll
Kristin Witter, In honor of Diane Elizabeth Wheelock
Alli Zall, In honor of Raine
Jesse Zilberstein*, In honor of Gidi- we will love you for all time. Mama, Aba, Zeve and Oren