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What We Do

Now in its 25th year, with more than 500 providers, and volunteers nationwide and in 14 countries around the world, the MISS Foundation has served hundreds of thousands of bereaved families in their darkest hours. We help families through support groups, counseling, advocacy, education, mental health services, mentoring, online forums, kindness walks, retreats, a therapeutic carefarm program, specialized training for providers, and volunteerism that allows grieving individuals to give back as a way to honor their beloved.

Why It Matters

More specialized care is sometimes necessary to help families cope with the overwhelming experience of loss. Our founder, Dr. Cacciatore, created the Selah Carefarm and guest house as a safe place for the traumatically bereaved to feel, to remember, and to connect to a community. Despite the high incidence of traumatic grief in communities around the world, there is no place like this anywhere. We provide a different approach than traditional Western treatment facilities that focus on diagnosing and medicating people who are deeply grieving.  Our approach is simple, safe and focuses on three restorative areas of support: carefarming, contemplative practices and physical well being.

This fascinating video from 2017 explains what carefarming is all about and why it’s important for the future of how we treat the traumatically bereaved in our society. It includes the early research and vision behind Dr. Cacciatore’s Selah Carefarm.

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