Jennifer Huberty, Ph.D., is the Director of Science for the mobile app company, Calm. She holds affiliation as Adjunct Faculty with Arizona State University in the College of Health Solutions, Associate Professor and Research Scholar in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Arizonaā€™s College of Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Mays Cancer Center/MD Anderson in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Huberty has been conducting research for almost 20 years using digital interventions (online, mobile apps) to deliver complementary approaches (e.g., yoga, meditation, physical activity) to improve mental and physical health in women (i.e., stillbirth mothers, pregnant women), middle-aged adults, and cancer patients.

Dr. Huberty is also the Founder and Director of Fit Minded, an innovative online behavior change program for adult women. She also is the co-founder of the podcast “Mindful Vibin”. Dr. Huberty is co-author of two books:Ā Delivering Compassionate Healthcare: A mindfulness curriculum for interdisciplinary healthcare professionsĀ (Chapters 7,8, 13) andĀ Designing Effective Physical Activity InterventionsĀ and has published just under 150 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Huberty has received over $7 million in grant funds from entities including the National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF. Dr. Huberty loves to spend time with her husband and two boys, her three rescue dogs. She loves hiking and yoga.