Erin practiced as a primary care provider for 10 years and did her Physician Associate training at Yale University School of Medicine. She has a master’s degree in Integrative Medicine and is a former professor of health sciences and director of clinical education for a top PA Program.

An internationally certified mindfulness instructor who has been creating and teaching mindfulness based interventions since 2009, Erin is currently on the faculty of UMass Medical Center’s Center for Mindfulness. She developed content for an App which provides mindfulness meditations to healthcare providers.

Erin is a national speaker, retreat leader, workshop facilitator, and consultant on mindfulness topics, interconnection and compassion. She is passionately dedicated to the alleviation of suffering, especially among the most vulnerable. Her compassion practice and a growing awareness of the link between food production, social justice, and the climate crisis led her naturally to veganism and the mission of Selah House.

You can often find her gazing at the night sky, wandering slowly out in nature or dancing up a storm.