MISS Foundation’s Letter of Opposition to the APA Regarding the DSM-V

The MISS Foundation vehemently opposed the DSM5 because of its conflation of normal grief when a child dies with mental disorders, specifically Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). We helped launch a boycott against the DSM5. Not long after, news hit the federal research institution, at the NIH (the NIMH), agreed, stating that “The weakness is its lack of validity,” and that it is going to “re-orient its investigations away from DSM categories.”
This is a big move with broad implications for clinicians and researchers around the U.S. Indeed, reliability field testing for the MDD (clinical depression) diagnosis in the DSM5 showed grim results with very poor validity.
We are proud of our organization’s revolutionary stance to protect bereaved parents and families from over-ambitious diagnoses of mental illness and inappropriate medical treatment of bereavement.
We are committed to remembering our dead as a means through which we slowly learn to cope with life’s most tragic circumstances.