Andrea Meronuck, MA, LPC, SEP

I am the Clinical Director of a small agency, Northland Family Help Center where we offer free, grant-funded trauma therapy to folks who have been have been victims of crime. Our clients face an incredible amount of grief and loss. We serve survivors of domestic violence homicide and other homicides. We serve individuals who have experienced horrendous abuse and neglect in childhood who have siblings or other close family members who die by suicide or drug overdose linked to the family experience of trauma. We serve individuals who have been victims of gender and sexual orientation based hate crimes who have loved ones who have died by suicide related to their victimization by harassment due to their difference. We serve women who have lost pregnancies due to physical abuse during pregnancy. While death is a natural part of life, the clients we serve facing bereavement have a complex, traumatic experience with grief. Additionally, as the Clinical Director of this agency, I serve in a supervisory capacity to the other psychotherapists on staff as well as a support to all the advocates who work in other parts of our agency. All of these folks experience grief as a part of being human, and as a part of the work we do.

Location:Flagstaff, Arizona


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