Cordelia Mejin, MA, RCC, CCC

I hold designations as Registered Clinical Counsellor and Canadian Certified Counsellor. I am in private practice and provide exclusively online counselling to young adults and adults who are grieving. I strive to provide compassionate care, empathy and a safe place as I believe that we as humans have longings to feel seen, heard, known, understood, felt, accepted, and cared for, especially in difficult moments. I aim to hold space for your story to be told and acknowledged in a supportive space where your experiences are honoured, processed and integrated into your life story in a way that is fitting for you. I integrate various tools from my specialized trainings in collaboration with and in consideration of clients’ unique needs and readiness. I have supported individuals in a counselling capacity at a college, community service settings and a hospice society. At the hospice society, I supported bereaved individuals aged between 18 and 88 from diverse cultural backgrounds.




Location: Online Counselling (residents in British Columbia, Canada)




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