Ellen McGrath

Life Effectiveness Training Programs

Custom-tailored coaching programs are designed to help you achieve balance in life and work. We will work with you to find and follow your passions, focus on your values and goals in relation to your age and stage, correct any negative thinking patterns, establish realistic weight and exercise strategies, outline health and illness management strategies for you or your family, and develop deeper and broader connection skills with partners, parents, children, and friends in order to increase your happiness and satisfaction in life.
College Bound Coaching Programs

The BCI College Bound Coaching Program was designed by and for college-bound high school students to help students and their parents successfully navigate the college admissions and selection process with minimum stress and maximum results. The seasons of the college application process are multi-faceted, confusing, and can be anxiety arousing. We will work with you to help clarify your goals and values, manage stress and anxiety, develop social and communication skills with teachers, college admissions officers, and others, and prioritize your tasks to effectively manage your time and accomplish your goals.
Leadership Effectiveness Training Programs

For 20 years, Bridge Coaching Institute has been conducting Leadership Effectiveness Training with senior business managers, ranging from large and small manufacturing companies, to family-run and entrepreneurial business ventures. BCI also guides executive screening for key positions, assessing the nuanced psychological strengths and vulnerabilities of candidates and their fit for a particular position and company.
Multi Faith Leaders’ Coaching Programs

A comprehensive coaching program for church and multi faith leaders has been developed in partnership between BCI and Auburn Coaching Institute, a program of Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City. Brochure available upon request.
Attorney/Law Firm Coaching Programs

Coaching packages have been developed by and for attorneys to support individuals and work teams practicing in small and large firms, as well as those in private practice. Coaching is specifically designed to help attorneys cope successfully with the challenges of contemporary law practice. Our proven strategies will help you to effectively resolve conflicts within the firm, manage your stress, oversee issues with difficult clients, recruit new business, achieve balance in work and life, cope with challenging gender issues, as well as assist in creating new pathways for career satisfaction.
Empowering Women/Empowering Men Coaching Programs

Coaching empowerment programs and action strategies have been developed for the unique needs and challenges facing today’s men and women. By examining and exploring your personal and professional identity, understanding and navigating the challenges of contemporary relationships, and guiding you through developmental transitions, our coaches can identify and enliven the most effective and empowered you.

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