Erin Plattner

I am a psychotherapist / clinical social worker. I work with a group of therapists called Tucson Counseling Associates (TCA) as an independent contractor. I work with clients who have experienced developmental trauma and present with symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, and relationship issues. Through TCA I am training in the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program (KAP). I have worked with hospice patients as an intern and a volunteer. I have always had a particular interest in working in the realm of bereavement, death, dying and grief, and am focusing my continuing education and private practice (in creation currently) with a focus on these stages in life. I have done various trainings to better understand these concepts, though do not have any certifications as of yet. While I was completing my Masters in Social Work from ASU in Tucson, my hope was to also fulfill the requirements for the Trauma and Bereavement Certification, however, could not manage it logistically or financially at the time. I also offer yoga instruction informed by the lineage in which I studied; The Bihar School of Yoga. Additionally, as a person living in a world of interdependence and connectedness, and one who values relationships above all other things, I have my own grief and perceive that life is as much continual grieving as it is finding joy and meaning and these things cannot exist independently.