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Hope United is an addiction non-profit offering education, support and recovery.(www.hopeunited.life). We offer mental health and addiction counseling, offer support groups for families struggling, those in recovery and families who have lost a loved one to the disease of addiction. We are building a new 7,200 square foot Recovery Community Organization that will house all these efforts as well as become a community for those in recovery to addiction and their families. Our goal is to help people find healing in their entirety, mind, body and spirit. We will offer life skills, cooking classes, bible studies, events for those in recovery like dinners, movie nights, etc. as well as wellness programs like boot-camps, yoga and exercise. Our goal is to fill a gap in our community to offer those in recovery a place to find continued healing after initial treatment, and for families to find recovery and healing from the effects of addiction on the family as a whole. Our support group for loss of a loved one, ‘The Well’, has been in existence for almost 5 years and has become a crucial part of our ministry, to help those who have lost a loved one to addiction find, hope, healing and restoration. And to find purpose from their pain. This group was started by Shelly Bornstein and Sue Warner who had both lost their sons to addiction and walked the beginnings of their recovery together. They decided that their were so many in their community that needed healing from so much stigma, trauma and loss and began The Well in October of 2016. Today The Well has served well over a hundred individuals and families, offering support, an annual Remembrance Service, many giving back projects and this year our first Grief Retreat. We are the only grief group in our area specific to loss by addiction. Hope United is always looking to learn, build and become better in all we do.

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