Joshua Avedon

Dona Dona Carefarm’s mission is to provide a healing and restorative sanctuary and retreat center rooted in Torah principles that nurtures and empowers leaders and communities working at the forefront of activism in the movements for peace, civil liberties, environmental and social justice, and animal rights.

Dona Dona Carefarm addresses the unique needs of those whose relentless pursuit of justice often leads to secondary traumatic stress, burnout and spiritual exhaustion. We treat leaders with secondary trauma within the unique Carefarm model which pairs rescued animals with humans who are in need of rejuvenation and healing.

Our program is designed to give them the opportunity to self-care and to develop antifragility, recognizing the burdens they carry in their work with marginalized populations and on issues of critical importance to creating a better world.

Dona Dona’s programming consists of immersive retreats that include proven therapeutic models and restorative practices. In addition to encountering the Carefarm’s animal residents and learning to commune with them, Dona Dona’s programs include Jewish learning, prayer and ritual, somatic and body work (such as breathwork and yoga), bibliotherapy, art therapy, mindfulness/meditation, journaling, as well as nature and horticulture focused programs.
Dona Dona is based on the Selah Carefarm’s ethical model of sustainable animal care, which means we are dedicated to the well-being of animals on the Carefarm and beyond. All food served at the Carefarm is vegan, and rescued animals who live there are not used for their physical labor or bodily resources.

Dona Dona is a sustainability play‚ÄĒboth for the animals and humans who are its constituents, and for the work of social justice leaders and their communities. Our shared commitment to justice and healing serves as a source of light and hope for those in need of help, and the people seeking to help them.

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