Juko Holiday, Ph.D., C-IAYT

My professional, creative, and academic work reveal a deeply-held conviction in the potential of human beings. I believe in our innate capacity to confront and transform obstacles into sources of wisdom, power, and discovery.

My past work as a health coach in a corporate setting, a psychotherapy intern at Women’s Clinic in Los Angeles, and my doctoral research on recurrent major depressive episodes were good fits for my skill set, beliefs, and interest in the human capacity for change. ​I made the choice not to diagnose and treat mental illness as a clinician, but to focus on research, use, and development of alternative tools to support the management, understanding, and prevention of low moods and chronic stress.

I currently work as a yoga therapist, with a focus on the use of conscious movement, embodied presence, breath, mindfulness practices, connection with community, and guided self-inquiry as healing tools.



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