Kourtney Hamilton

Clinical Social worker for Tohono O’odham Nation Healthcare;

  • Provide clinical and medical social work services to identified individuals and families that require
    behavioral, medical social work support and referral to other resources.
  • Provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.
  • Perform initial screening to determine appropriateness for services.
  • Provide biopsychosocial needs assessment in the hospital inpatient setting in the context of multidisciplinary discharge planning.
  • Provide crisis intervention, stabilization and referral as needed in outpatient and emergency room settings.
  • Serve as a client advocate referral and information resource; referring hospital and clinic beneficiaries to
    other agencies and resources as needed.
  • Evaluate individual client progress to ensure ongoing improvement and participation in care.
  • Develop and maintains ongoing working relationships with representatives from tribal, local, state, health
    and welfare agencies and organizations.

Email: kourtney.hamilton@tonation-nsn.gov

Phone: 520-383-7212

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