Lauren Levine

My company, Doing The Unstuck, provide a customized coaching experience developed for clients living through challenging times or complicated work/life transitions. It’s coaching within that “in-between” place we all find ourselves in at times, the tangled, frustrating and often uncomfortable space where decisions are needed and answers seem exciting yet impossible.

Doing the Unstuck Pregnancy Loss & Fertility Coaching connects clients with experienced coaches and counselors who combine corporate and coaching expertise with personal experience and the shared learning that comes with surviving pregnancy loss and fertility treatment. When suffering through the unimaginable pain of pregnancy loss and fertility challenges, Doing The Unstuck can be an incredible support system to provide immediate outreach, ongoing coaching and counseling referrals during this critical time of need. Individual coaching consultations and monthly group sessions are offered and can be a lifeline to those who need support processing their experience, untangling their feelings and finding the strength to determine what comes next.
​Through individual coaching sessions, or participation in a monthly peer coaching group, clients find comfort and strength in a community where they can connect and be challenged in ways to think differently about their loss or fertility challenges while they navigate this in-between place. As clients work to untangle feelings of grief, fear & hope, these coaching conversations help them look inward and find the awareness to understand what they really want, to make new decisions, set plans in motion and find the strength to handle whatever may come next, at home or in the workplace.

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