Lindsey M. Henke

Lindsey’s clinical specialty is working with mothers and their partners through the grief of infertility, perinatal loss, pregnancy after loss, and the postpartum period including parenting after reproductive trauma.

Lindsey has been providing clinical psychotherapy services to women and families since 2008. She specializes in grief and mental health struggles that often accompany reproductive trauma, and is a certified Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) provider with specific training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss.

She also provides training to other professionals in these areas, and is the Founder and Executive Director of Pregnancy After Loss Support, an online magazine and peer-to-peer support service.

She works with adults of all sexual & gender orientations, who experience trauma-related issues due to reproductive loss as well as anxiety, depression and anger as it relates to reproductive mental health and the transition to parenthood. Lindsey’s clients benefit from her advanced training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and her study of alternative healing practices, Dialectical Behavior Training (DBT), and treatment of trauma via Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

In her spare time Lindsey enjoys writing, hiking, and spending time with her two living children, husband, and dog, George.

Lindsey helps with the following concerns:

Pregnancy loss – miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death
Grief & Loss
Unexpected outcomes, fetal anomalies
Pregnancy after loss
Processing Reproductive Trauma / PTSD via ART
Pregnancy and postpartum mental health issues including anxiety and depression
Adjusting to parenthood and parenting issues
Identity and life transition as they relate to parenthood
Relationship issues
Family-of-origin / childhood issues

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