Marisa Striano

Hi there, My name is Marisa, and I am the executive director and founder of Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue. I have completed my certification as an Equus Life Coach through the Koelle Institute, an Equus life coaching certification program. During my self-discovery, I realized that I needed to specialize in grief counseling. Being on a journey with people in grief is a privilege and an honor. I have learned that joy and sorrow can coexist, and this is what I bring to people with the empathic nature of the horse by my side as my co-facilitator. I give people the tools and experiences they need to survive their journey through the grief of a loved one by helping them discover who they are as they redefine their lives without their loved one by their side.

Equus Coaching is a unique experience with horses that allows individuals to gain a visceral understanding of how their inner dialogue affects their relationships and everyday life. Equus Coaching is a transformational experience that enables a person to shift from internal confusion and conflict to personal alignment and flow.
Equus Coaches work in partnership with horses to create a playful, open, and authentic environment where clients can dramatically enhance their self-awareness. Horses are keenly intuitive and attuned to people’s slightest expressions and changes in their energy or emotions. Therefore, they can help people identify and clear internal roadblocks to achieve a more fulfilling life experience.
During an Equus Coaching session, clients receive clear and grounded biofeedback that connects them to their inner truth.
An Equus Life coach will help the client identify a specific area of life or pattern with which they would like support. As the client interacts with the horse, the coach helps the client to notice the feedback from the horse and assists the client in interpreting what that means and how to apply the input to the specific situation with which the client started the session. The client can then notice how they are showing up and ultimately move through their grief and heal.

Spirit’s Promise Partners with East End Hospice in Westhampton, NY, for group therapy at the farm for those in Grief and Traumatic Grief

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