Michael Sadowsky

Michael is a clinical social worker with an integrative and holistic approach to psychotherapy. His practice is rooted in mindfulness, CBT and DBT approaches, and contemporary Psychodynamic therapy. His work also draws from the mind-body connection, spirituality, social/cultural influences, neuroscience, and compassion.

Michael has worked with a diversity of adults and mental health issues in a community mental health clinic, with persons with dementia and their families, and with the bereaved. His background is in social work, which gives him a social justice lens and awareness of how societal factors like inequality and discrimination can affect mental health. He also has a background in holistic health, and is passionate about helping clients integrate their work in therapy with other healthy lifestyle choices and non-Western forms of healing.

Issues that Michael commonly works with include: grief, loss, gender identity, sexual identity, depression, anxiety, trauma, transitions, relationships, ADHD, stress reduction, and resiliency.

Michael brings a warm and non-judgmental presence to his work. He emphasizes safety, attunement, humor, and enjoys being a helper and companion to others as they discover and grow in their own strength and wisdom. He has deep gratitude for this work and for the privilege of being an ally to others on their path to healing.

Website: elliefamilyservices.com

Location:Woodbury, MN
Phone: 651-313-8080

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