Ms Aanchal Khullar

From the last 6 years, I run my private practice called the Inner Safari which is a workspace for Counseling, Coaching and Family Therapy. I started this with a vision to empower and support individuals, young adults, families, couples, leaders in organisations to embrace and process dilemmas that they are facing .

Before starting my own practice, I was combining industry-leading psychological insight for almost 15 years with a focus on Mental Health, Human Capital and Business psychology.

I am a Queer Affirmative therapist & Trauma Informed Counselling Psychologist. I am a holistic family consultant and look at a multi- sectional approach to working with people. I integrate a variety of methods and processes in my work with the intention to support individuals transitioning through their “tough time” Some approaches being
narrative psychology, birth stories, grief pillars, jungian psychology, body dreaming, family Constellation, somatic work, poetry, neuroscience, sexual Identities, spiritual/transpersonal psychology to name a few….

I have been trained both outside and within India for these and hold professional licences for the same.

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