Robyn Hall PSY D

My name is Robyn Hall. I am a second year student in Midwestern University’s Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. I do not currently provide services independent of a licensed Psychologist’s supervision. My dissertation project, which is being chaired by Dr. Melissa Flint, involves comparing treatment using the ATTEND model and treatment as usual in therapy with bereaved parents. It is essential that I become certified as a bereavement care provider, not only for the purposes of my study, but because working with the traumatically bereaved is where my heart is. It is my plan to work with this population when I am independently licensed. I believe that this is an under-serviced group of individuals and I hope to be one of many future clinicians to change this. I would be so very grateful for the opportunity and I really believe that it attending this course is essential to both my dissertation and future clinical plans.

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