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Our Animals

All of the animals at the Selah Carefarm are rescued from varying levels of abuse, neglect and torture. They are now well loved and treated with great compassion and care at all times. If you would like to “Support a Selah Animal” — which includes our beloved horses, donkeys, alpacas, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats — please take a moment to read their meaningful stories and learn more about their special characters.

Our Carefarm Animals

All of our animals at Selah Carefarm have been rescued from varying levels of neglect, abuse, and torture. They are all quite well loved – and fed – now! We use an egalitarian approach with our animals: They are able to choose interaction with a grieving person visiting us. We never force the animal to engage; when they do so, they do it willingly. It’s a magical moment to connect with an animal who has known suffering and trauma, grief and fear, and then connection and compassion. All of the broken hearts who visit Selah Carefarm have an opportunity to seed a relationship with an animal who has known what it is to feel lonely, scared, confused, and sometimes to be traumatized.

You can choose to “Adopt a Selah Animal” (one year). Here are their brief stories – just click each animal’s image or name to learn more about them (there may be some sensitive content) or to help support any animal.

Symbolically adopting a Selah Carefarm rescue animal helps to pay for the food and specialized care we offer all of the animals at the farm. Each animal has unique needs based on their past history of abuse and trauma, and your support will help us ensure none of our animals ever feel hungry, neglected, or in pain again. Thank you so much for helping to sponsor these incredible beings.

You can view all of our carefarm animals below.

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Ahisma Joy

She was born in June of 2019 to her mother, Stella, and her sister, Virginia. We didn’t know that Stella had become impregnated while she was in the “kill pen” so her labor and birth were a surprise to us all! 


Aspen came to us in October of 2016 when Dr. Jo and MISS Foundation’s Director Kelli Montgomery


(Uh-thee-nuh), a Pyrenees and Anatolian mix, we rescued almost a year ago


This baby is Eva’s 11 month old. Bella is very sweet, a little shy, and usually gentle though if you have food to offer her, you’ll need to watch your fingers!


(Brih-gee-ta) is our third baby goat, all surprises, to be born on the carefarm in 2019.

Captain Von Trapp

(Vohn-Trapp) is our only male goat who was rescued with the rest of his clan, whom we named Greta, Liesl, and Louisa, after their owner died.

Caspian Janan

(Cas-pee-in Jan-non) is a very sensitive and loving Arab who came to Selah Carefarm in November of 2017.


(Che-mah-koh) is our very first rescue horse. He was being used as a pack animal in the Grand Canyon and had been tortured badly for many years


(Kurt) Richard was the first of Liesl’s babies to be (unexpectedly) born on May 15, 2019 at 7:04pm

Darla Darling

Darla Darling and her mother Ruby Rose were rescued on February 18, 2023. Ruby was a breeding goat…

Delicate Warrior

Delicate Warrior was rescued in September of 2020 from her adopter who loved her very much but for whom life’s circumstances


Dotty (pictured with Karen, Luke, Logan, and Morgan’s mama) came to us with a chronic injury as a brood mare


Druyan is best friends with Lucy. So, she and her baby Sagan were rescued together so that they could all still be together

Eva (in memoriam)

(Ee-vuh) and her baby, Bella, came to us as non-abuse rescues. They are a mother-daughter team, just like The Dolly Mama and Porcelina,


(Finn) is an elderly and mostly blind dog with a strong and warrior spirit!


(Fee-oh-nuh) We just adore her! She’s quite affectionate and loves ear scratches.


Freidrich came to us as a ‘homeless’ rescue with his two brothers. They needed to stay together as they were quite bonded.


(Greh-tl) is a sweet little pygmy goat who was rescued with the rest of her clan, whom we named Captain Von Trapp, Liesl, and Louisa) after their owner died.


There are times, doing this work, when we bear witness to things so horrific that all our hearts break


(Jigg-uh-ram) “Jiggs” came to us as a rescue when he was less than two weeks old.


Johann came to us in a three-pack, with brothers Freidrich and Rupert, needing-a-home rescue! He is a lover boy!


(Lee-sul) We are devastated to announce the death of our precious Liesl:

Little Chey

(Lit-tle Shy), a secondary rescue, came to us in August of 2017 from a local horse trainer.

Loki and Anjali

(Low-key) and (Uhn-juh-lee), our new Carefarm cats, were rescued just before they were euthanized as “nuisance” animals


(Lew-ee-suh) is our only horned pygmie goat and she’s a little more reserved than Greta


Lucy and her baby Little Ricky were rescued from a nearby farm so they wouldn’t be separated.


(Lew-ee-gee), like Athena, is our other large guardian dog and one of most sweet loving and neurotic animals on the carefarm.


(Mal-come) Malcolm was rescued by Yavapai Humane Trappers.


(Mar-tuh) Anya was the second-born in Liesl’s surprise birth, born six minutes after Curt.

Martin (in memoriam)

In Memoriam. (Mar-ten) is Quinten’s dad, used for breeding many years. He needed a safe sanctuary to live out the rest of his days.

Mazy Peaches

(May-zee Pee-chiz) At three months old pig, this beautiful pig named Mazy Peaches came to us in August of 2019 through Nicole and John Salisbury of Modern Yoga.


(Mun-key) came to us from his owner who was an older woman evicted from her home, and he had no where safe to go.


Nako, we call him Knicknack, is a 14 hands Arabian, he is an elder, more than 35 years old.


OB1 is a secondary rescue who was saved from being made into a meal.

Perseverance aka Percy

Aka Percy is our youngest puppy, rescued at just a few weeks from the Humane Society as part of a litter.


(Poor-suh-lee-nuh) is almost a year old and was rescued with her mother The Dolly Mama.


Princess is our quiet delight, rescued with OB1, in early 2021.


(Kwhen-ten) was rehomed from a breeder in September of 2019. 


Little Ricky was rescued with his mom Lucy from a nearby farm. He hangs out with his mom and best friend Sagan.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose and her daughter, Darla Darling, were rescued on February 18, 2023.


Rupert came with his two brothers (we don’t separate families), Johann and Freidrich, in July of 2021.


Sagan is best friends with Ricky. So, he and his mama Druyan were rescued together


(Sckout) is our resident playful, sometimes punky, boy. He’s the youngest of our horses and keep us all on our toes!

Shirin and Artemisia

(Sheer-in) and (Ar-tem-meesh-uh), sisters, are young Dorper sheep who we rescued after they each lost two babies in coyote attacks.

Stella and Virginia

This mother-daughter duo (in the foreground) is Stella (mama) and Virginia (baby)


(Storm-ee) is our gentle but in-control mare rescue from the BLM round ups.


Sun, pictured here with Trevor’s mama, Deb, came to us as a retired brood mare at age 32.

The Dolly Mama

(Dahl-lee Mah-muh) is Porcelina’s mom, rescued at the same time.

Wilbur (in memoriam)

(Will-burr) We are deeply saddened to announce that after 18 months of love, freedom, and compassion on the Carefarm

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