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The Selah Carefarm with its 40 rescue animals near Sedona Arizona encompasses 10-beautiful acres of farmland. For the traumatically bereaved, it’s a sacred place to be in nature and remember your beloved. If you would like to schedule a visit to the carefarm for a few hours or for a few days, stay at our family guest house, and receive counseling and support services, please fill out the form below and let us know how we can best serve you.

We are so deeply sorry you need us. We are so deeply thankful you’ve found us. We will do all we can to help you remember your beloved in ways that are profound, even if infused with grief.

The Selah Carefarm is a respite for those with a shattered heart. We are a restorative space and therapeutic community based in a practice of caring for humans who have known the most painful losses, healthy coping and integration of traumatic grief, and compassion/ahimsa: nonviolence and compassion for all. We will do everything we can to be sure that you feel held and safe here. We hope you experience both receiving and giving of caring and compassion. We hope you feel able to remember and feel your precious loved one …

We’d love to have you visit the Carefarm, and can help with counseling during your visit if you’re in need.  Use the form below to provide us with your information and to schedule your visit, and we’ll look forward to being with you.

Please note: The Selah Carefarm is a therapeutic space for those experiencing traumatic grief. We welcome families from all socioeconomic classes, all and no religions, all regions around the world, and all ethnic backgrounds. However, we have many open waterways that are unfenced and our animals roam freely; thus, this is not a safe environment for children under the age of 7. Please be sure that all guests who register meet this minimum safety age. And, for the safety of our animals and yours, please do not bring pets to the Carefarm. 

**The carefarm is an evidence-based therapeutic community for people to receive counseling and participate in remembrance rituals, connect with others (humans and non humans) who have suffered loss, and find space for their grief in a safe natural environment.  At this point, we are too busy for visitors who want to come to meet the animals or who are curious about what we are doing.  We are not able to accomodate any unscheduled visits under any circumstances. You must plan – in advance – and register with a counselor.

**Before requesting availability for a visit, please note our counselors and guides are only able to see traumatically bereaved people. This includes people who have lost a child at any age by any cause, as well those who have lost a primary loves one to murder, suicide, prolonged illness and other  catastrophic deaths.

If  you are the bereaved person seeking services, please fill out the form below. We work directly with the traumatically bereaved individual/family only

If you have violated our rules intentionally or repeatedly, used abusive or demeaning language in person or on email to our volunteers or staff, or do not treat us or our animals or our land and neighbors heart-fully and respectfully, we will not accommodate your booking request or, if you are on site, we will ask you to leave the premises as gently and kindly as possible. We know grievers are hurting and we honor that pain; however, we cannot allow our carefarmily to be vessels for misdirected rage or just plain bad behavior.

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This form is for traumatically bereaved individuals/families only

If you are not able to visit in person, we have online counseling available. Please send an email to
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