Mary Berg Torrez

Mary Berg Torrez

MISS Foundation Executive Board Member

Mary Berg Torrez grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona with her four sisters and three brothers. She married Bennie Torrez in 1989, when her children from her first marriage, Thomas, Michael and Stephen, were seven, five and three years old. Mary has worked as a legal assistant at the law firm of Gallagher & Kennedy since 2001.

Mary lost her oldest son, Thomas, at the age of 21 in August 2003. Her second-oldest son, Michael, died at the age of 21 in April 2005. She has one surviving son, Stephen.

About 18 months after Michael’s death, Mary began working in Gallagher & Kennedy’s wrongful death/personal injury department. She believes that as a bereaved mother, she is better able to relate to and comfort those of her clients who have experienced the death of a child.

In 2008, Mary attended a MISS Foundation event and immediately recognized the importance of the services the MISS Foundation provides to bereaved parents. Several days later, Mary contacted the MISS Foundation to see how she could help. She quickly found that she received more help from the MISS Foundation than she gave.

In addition to volunteering with the MISS Foundation, Mary has worked as a volunteer with the Andre House, Sojourner Center, Faith House, Arizona Opera League, Ballet Arizona and Alhambra Traditional School.