Gentle Heart Journeys Parent Grief Support Group

If you’ve lost a child and are grieving…you’re grieving because you loved deeply. You may feel as if there is a hole in your heart. Grieving the loss of your child was not part of your life’s plan.

There is healing that occurs when groups gather. Grieving parents help support each other, and in turn, are supported themselves. You realize you’re not alone. Although your grief journey is personal, it can be eased when you know you’re not alone. When grieving parents gather, they often feel a sense of relief when they no longer have to put on a good face and pretend they’re okay.

It is our intention to create a safe gathering place for you to begin or continue your healing journey…

Please join us for the 6-week Gentle Heart Journeys Parent Grief Support. This program will be co-facilitated by Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP., and Karen Horn.

Each session is created to provide emotional support and skills to help you grieve and heal. We will be present to help guide you through your grief journey, as you learn to honor your loved one, keep them present, while continuing to live your own life fully.

We hope you’ll join us…

**For parents who’ve lost a child aged birth to 18 years old.
It has been at least 3 months since the loss and within 3 years after the loss

Support Group Information

    Where We Meet:
    The Life Guidance Center 3030 Ashley Town Center Dr.
    Charleston, South Carolina, 29417
    When We Meet:
    6-7:30 p.m. ET
    Contact Us:
  • Primary Leader: Bonnie Compton
  • Primary Phone: 843-718-1551
  • Primary Email:

  • Additional Leader: Karen Horn
  • Additional Phone: 512-497-6866
  • Additional Email:

  • On the Web: