Sad Dads Club-4th Thursdays-Scottsdale, AZ

This group is back in session

Many have asked what is the ‘Sad Dad’s Club’

The Sad Dads Club Story

This is a group of Dads who also unfortunately have lost a child. This is a great dads group, in a different setting than that of the past.

This is just a Group of Dads who has found a different way to talk, console, and laugh. Yes laugh in a lighter arena, and yet support each other fully. And I wanted people to be clear on this project.

I don’t have to tell you about the pain we have all experienced in the loss of our children, yet one thing that has drawn me to the MISS Foundation is the support, the honesty, the candor and the positive thinking. We all want our children back. That is our only wish.

Yet, this ‘club’ was organized after NBC12 Phoenix did a report on a group of Dads who have experienced the loss of their child. It aired for Father’s Day 2013 and was dubbed the Sad Dads Club by NBC Reporter Kevin Kennedy, It was hosted by Barry Kluger, along with Michael Sansone and Barry Adkins.

We were Struck by the fact that amidst the tears. Very hard tears. There were light moments as well.

Somehow, we find glimpses, however short, of what we have lost but what we may have.

In May 2013 Michael Sansone a MISS Foundation Mentor since 2006 founded the Sad Dads Club Social Group,.

In February 2014,
Joined by Theo Soumilas. The Sad Dads Held its 1st social event fundraiser.

Together Theo Soumilas & Michael Sansone Formed The Sad Dads Support Group

(A Guys Only Support Group)

In September 2014 the Social Group Became a monthly Support Group with the MISS Foundation…

Support Group Information

    Where We Meet:
    5802 E Lincoln Dr.
    Scottsdale, AZ, 85253
    When We Meet:
    We meet on the 4th Thursday of every month in the Capistrano Room at the Franciscan Renewal Center
    6:30pm - 8pm
    Contact Us:
  • Primary Leader: Michael Sansone
  • Primary Phone: 623-206-3253
  • Primary Email:

  • Additional Leader: Theo Soumilas
  • Additional Phone: 480-296-8770
  • Additional Email:

  • On the Web: