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If you are a family member experiencing the death of a child, we extend our deepest empathy. There simply are not words to express the depth of the sorrow. We are here to share the pain and we want you to know that we will walk with you.

There is so much to learn and see in the MISS Foundation website. In addition to the online support site, we also have face-to-face support groups in certain areas and HOPE Mentors available all over the world. We have a network of Compassionate Bereavement Care providers who are specifically trained in traumatic grief who may be available to offer support services in your community. Our Forums offer online support group board 24/7, fully moderated for safe space. We have sections for families with specialty information for dads, grandparents, and siblings. In our professionals section, there is information on our workshops, resources, and speakers available to present in your facility about many topics relating to child death.

No one does what the MISS Foundation does. As such, we have many compelling areas on our website to search for vital informationĀ for those suffering from traumatic grief, who need quick access to support services through support packets, our online forums, as well as volunteer mentors, support groups, the carefarm program, and upcoming events;Ā for researchersĀ learning about our founder Dr. Cacciatoreā€™s world-renowned research studies and impressive articles in peer-reviewed journals on traumatic grief, carefarming, green therapy and more;Ā for providersĀ searching for resources to help them in their professions, as well asĀ for grieversĀ needing to connect with these specially trained providers in their fields;Ā for advocates and community supportersĀ searching for more information about awareness and education related to their issues in legislative and congressional arenas;Ā and for animal lovers and grievers,Ā  who want to find out more about the Selah Carefarm, and the beloved 41 rescue animals who help traumatically bereaved families every day.

Additionally, we offer a contemplative retreat with skilled leadership that brings grieving families together each year in a beautiful and meaningful setting. Learn more about the beautiful Selah Carefarm and its beloved 40 rescue animals, as well as our newly opened guest house for the traumatically bereaved, located on 10-acres of farmland in Northern Arizona.

And there is so much more information contained in our pages. Take your time and browse. Feel free to ask questions and know that there is no greater tragedy than the death of a child.

You do not walk alone.
Joanne Cacciatore, PhD

Our Mission Statement

The MISS Foundation, established in 1996 by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, is an international 501(c)3, volunteer based organization providing C.A.R.E. [counseling, advocacy, research, and education] services to families experiencing the death of a child.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is that no one has to walk alone in traumatic grief. This necessitates a compassionate community where grief and love, pain and beauty intersect.

Our Values

Individuals experiencing unparalleled trauma and grief, such as the loss of a child, need the most compassionate support available. We provide this through local support groups, skilled counseling, advocacy, education, peer-support mentoring, a therapeutic carefarm program, among other things. Our values and philosophy play a vital role in everything we do.

  • We recognize that the death of a child at any age is one of lifeā€™s most tragic experiences;
  • We honor the sacredness of every member of the family;
  • We value integrity, kindness and respect in all we do;
  • We provide mindful, compassionate and respectful care of others and ourselves;
  • We embrace the commitment of lifelong care in the aftermath of a childā€™s death;
  • We foster a healing environment in which individuals, families and communities may, when ready, experience a sense of hope for the future;
  • We recognize the potential in human beings to emerge from their suffering, transformed, ready to help another.
  • We promote a non-medicalized, community-based approach to grief including equine therapy with rescue horses, eco therapies through retreats and activities in nature, and mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.


Provider, volunteer and support group network

Our Compassionate Bereavement CareĀ® Providers are located in cities throughout the world. They receive specialized training in traumatic grief and compassionate care. You may find our provider network here. Also, learn more about our wonderful volunteers, and connect with our in-person and virtual support groups.

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