Dr. Rich Gorman

Rich Gorman is a human geographer at Cardiff University‚Äôs School of Geography and Planning. Rich‚Äôs research explores ideas of ‚Äėtherapeutic spaces‚Äô, and the roles of animals within various caring and therapeutic practices, seeking to understand how animal life can help form spaces of positive health and wellbeing for vulnerable people, allowing the navigation and negotiation of a range of difficult life situations. Importantly, Rich is also interested in highlighting the therapeutic qualities humans can provide to other species, and considering the ways in which care for humans and non-humans can be brought together and framed through egalitarian relationships of mutualism.


Cardiff, Wales CF10 3WA

Support Role:
Research Committee Member

How I am involved with MISS:
Rich is a member of our research committee and is helping us with the development of the first care farm for the traumatically bereaved in the U.S.