Emily Werner

I have been a MISS Volunteer/Mentor since 2012 andĀ IĀ am the proud mother of five children: Two that walk and three that soar!Ā  My first born is nowĀ 14 years old and growing up way too fast.Ā  My second child was stillborn at termĀ (37.5 weeks) in 2006 and I have had two subsequent miscarriages.Ā  We adopted our rainbow baby from Russia in 2011 and she is now a happy, healthy 9 year old!Ā  I am available to offer compassionate support for anyone experiencingĀ miscarriage/ stillbirth, infant death, permanent infertility, marital crisis and/or adoption after a loss.

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Support Role:
Mentor, MISS Volunteer

How I am involved with MISS:
MISS Volunteer/Mentor since 2012