Jennifer Paterchak

My name is Jen Paterchak. I am volunteering as a HOPE Mentor. I am married, was born in 1973, have 2 living daughters (born before and after loss) and live just outside of Dayton, OH. In 2007, My family of 3 at the time went for our regularly scheduled 20w ultrasound. We were so excited to learn the gender of the baby; instead, we learned that our baby had died. I was given the options to go to an abortion clinic (where I would receive medication to start labor and then go home and wait) or the hospital (where I would be induced and stay until the baby was born.) We chose the hospital. It took about 36 hours before Noah was finally born. After his birth I had to have a D&E to remove the placenta. Noah’s death was likely due to an umbilical cord incident; the cord was wrapped 3 times tightly around his neck at birth. I also had a septate uterus (mullerian anomaly) that could have factored into his death.