Michelle McCaw Korkut

First I’d like to say how truly sorry I am for why you’re here and that I’m grateful you found the MISS Foundation.  My sweet son Evan died  12/8/2019 at the age of 22.  I also have another dear son Brandon.  They are and always will be the lights of my life.  I am a widow, an adoptee and as Francis Weller so aptly puts it, I’ve truly had “an apprenticeship with sorrow”.  Losing Evan nearly destroyed me.  The services the MISS Foundation provides have been a life raft for my heart.

I first discovered the MISS Foundation after reading Dr. Jo’s book “Bearing the Unbearable”.  That book was life changing and likely life saving for me.  I have since attended two retreats at the Selah Care Farm, have a HOPE Mentor, Terri DeMontrond, that literally is an angel on earth and I participate in bi-monthly support meetings with a group of beautiful souls.  The staff and volunteers are some of the kindest people I have ever met.

Volunteering as a HOPE Mentor is a way for me to honor my Evan with love in action.  I hope to accompany others on this difficult journey with as much compassion and love as I have received.