Prithi Nair

My sweet 19yr old daughter, Shuggie passed away in a tragic drowning accident in July 2020 at Panther Beach, Santa Cruz. She was my only child and the light of my life. The world suddenly took on a level of darkness that was unimaginable yet here I was left to navigate this personal earthquake. How was I meant to deal with the aftershocks of this horrific loss? I had no idea how I would ever be able to integrate myself back into the real world because nothing seemed real without Shuggie.

Every breath hurt knowing I would never see my adored daughter and as time went on the emptiness began to impact me physically. I knew there was no solution but I wanted to step out of my circle of devastation and see if there was any support to help carry the pain.

As I seeked resources I couldn’t believe the amount of bereaved parents that were tragically out there, my reticular brain went into motion and I was soon able to create a tribe of support.
I found there was healing in community, sharing and witnessing each others pain something that was absent from the civilian world.

It was through this curiosity that led me to the Miss Foundation. The website and resources were full of information that resonated with me. I immediately wanted to be part of an organization that had this phenomenal ability to normalize grief and witness the sorrow of child loss. The literature, Dr Jo’s books and videos were an integral part of this new life and I realized it was definitely something I wanted to make as the forefront of my healing journey.